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Good Earth Clays, Inc.

1831 E 1450 Road

Lawrence KS 66044

Phone: 1-888-822-1982

Fax: (785) 841-8142Endicott Clay Products




Endicott Clay Products Co.

P.O. Box 17

Fairbury, NE USA 68352



Endicott Tile Ltd.

P.O. Box 645

Fairbury, NE USA 68352


FAX 402/729-5804


Pottery Supplies, Ceramics, and Arts and Crafts Supplies Online


The Clay Art Center is staffed by potters and artists who know the products because they use the products. Use this web site not only as a place to learn about the products, but also as a place to get assistance and to communicate with other potters. In short, this site is made by potters for potters.


Resin Casting and Mold Making


Tom Banwell Designs offers custom resin casting in both urethane and polyester using silicone rubber molds. Specializing in prototypes, awards, architectural, figurines and doll parts. Classes on making resin castings and molds. Featuring Lumicast™ resin, cold cast bronze (bonded bronze), cultured marble and imitation wood.


The Woodcraft Shop


Serving the needs of the traditional and contemporary carver. The Woodcraft Shop of Bettendorf, Iowa


DEUXPAN Art Company


Deuxpan is an art company that provides Enlargement, Reduction, Duplication, and other 3D services. Our process is technologically advanced through the use of three dimensional scanners, printers, and robotic carving systems. We can take a small customer provided model and enlarge it to your specifications, no project is too big or too small. Our reduction service is also unique; our own infiltration system combined with todays leading rapid prototyping equipment lets us create plaster-like finished pieces in under a week. We can meet the demand of artists by providing faster service with greater potential. Our technique is also very time-saving: producing large scale sculptures in only days and weeks, not months. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to send us an e-mail or call us by phone.

Deuxpan Inc., 125 Hollow Horn Rd, Erwinna, PA 18920, Tel 267 424 1263, [email protected]   www.deuxpan.com/

Supplies and Services for Sculptors

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