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Ross Cole

I've been working with stained glass approx. 14 years. Sparingly for the first 7 years, taking classes and learning the skills involved. Then in 2000 I set a self initiative to construct three dimensional closed figures of art glass to replicate the five Platonic Solids. Since that time I have added the Archimedean Solids to my venue and also began representing the Catalan Solids. This new art form uses art glass as the medium to artistically represent a classical visionary experience.


The art glass is hand cut, ground, and assembled after carefully selecting the glass type, color, transparency, and combinations to make each an original work of art. The design impact is envisioned before creation. The original stands are designed to compliment the glass visionaries.


I share credit for the creative representations with my posthumous team; Plato, Euclid, Archimedes, Catalan, and Tiffany. To learn more about their contribution,


Wichita, KS







Accepts Commissions ..... Yes

Media: Glass, Metal

Speciality: Artistic representation of classical geometric solids


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Ross Cole OBOLISK_DODECAHEDRON-green_closeup Roma's  T.G.  Misc. 113