Wichita Sculptors Guild, Inc.


Mary Frances Skinner has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa. After working in the field of Graphic Design and raising five children, she revisited the clay that she once loved. Moving from pottery, to vessels with portraits on them, to exclusively sculpting people (and angels), she is learning more about art, herself and humanity every day.


“Often with more groaning than creating, I strive to move a vision from my heart into the clay. The clay parallels life itself, at times difficult to bear, at other times, pliable and willing. I desire to connect the every day with the mystery of the eternal.  Perhaps it’s making the invisible visible, or finding truth in simplicity. As a Catholic artist, my instinct is to echo creation, incarnation, love, and God. In this way, my work becomes a prayer.”

Mary Frances Skinner




Wichita, KS




Accepts Commissions ..... Yes

Media: clay, bronze

Speciality: sacred, figurative

Contact Information:

Website: sculptiowa.wix.com/bliss

Phone: 316-371-3959

Anna Me Portrait Mother Teresa 1 Sept 2011 033 St John Paul II Relief Girl with bunny sculpture 1 Dad Finished 1a