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Fifty years ago I made a lasting friendship with a classmate in the Fourth Grade. My friend's mother is Babs Mellor, a professional sculptor.  I spent a lot of time at the Mellor house. Babs frequently had different sculptures at various stages of completion. Babs would often ask what we thought about a sculpture or some aspect of a sculpture. Sometimes Babs would explain what she was trying to accomplish and how she goes about doing that. I always thought "wish I could do that". However things like school and work got in the way.


At age 56 I had the chance to take early retirement. I took the opportunity and decided to use the time to study sculpture with Babs at The Wichita Center for the Arts.  


The photographs I think are a fair representation of my first 3 years of work in sculpture. I have also done some work in stone. Prior to sculpture I did work in Oil, Watercolor, and Graphite for several years.


I enjoy working primarily in water based clay. I find the feeling derived from pulling clay from the earth and creating something from that material to be very rewarding. I do work that means something to me. I notice subject matter I tend to have interest in over time. I study it and then try to derive something I feel rather than exact depiction. My most rewarding work has been starting with a general idea and ending with a pleasant surprise.


Wichita, Kansas




Accepts Commissions.... Maybe

Media: Clay, Hydrostone, Coldcast Bronze, Bronze

Specialty:  Clay

Portait 3 par bear 2JPG bunnies stretch think bust