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Don Lind

All of the stone sculptures are hand carved by removing material until a desirable form, either representational or an abstraction, emerges from the stone. I begin by selecting high quality alabaster, marble, onyx, or soapstone purchased from stone dealers across the country. The initial cuts are made with a diamond tipped hand saw; roughing out of the forms is done with a hammer and steel chisels. I use rasps of various shapes and sizes to further refine the form, and I finish by grinding and wet sanding with successively finer grits. The final luster on the stone comes from hand polishing with a soft cloth and polishing rouge. Finished stone is mounted on wood, glass, or stone bases with epoxy cement and steel rods.

As natural elements, the stones all  contain vivid colors, rich veins, and varied translucent qualities. The stone also presents flaws, weaknesses, and impurities that must be eliminated or creatively exploited in the carving process.

As an artist, my task is to bring together my imagination, my technical skills, and the inherent qualities of the stone. Whether representational or an abstraction, I want to reveal the beauty in the stone and create a pleasing design that connects with viewers. My sculpting is a very tactile experience; my goal is achieved when a viewer carefully reaches to touch the stone.

Don Lind was born and raised on the heartland prairie of central Kansas. He attended Hesston College for two years and graduated from Goshen College in northern Indiana. He later began graduate studies at the University of Illinois-Chicago and completed a Master of Science in Education program at the University of Kansas. Currently Lind teaches on the faculty of Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Lind began his art career as a woodcarver but has turned to stone sculpture in recent years. His work studio, Prairie Stoneworks, is located in Hutchinson, Kansas.


Hutchison, KS









Accepts Commissions ..... Yes

Media: Stone and Wood-Stone Mixed Media

Speciality: Abstract

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