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Debra Salts

I’ve always had a love for earthy natural objects. At an early age I would collect seashells, tree roots and stones (with minor damage to my mother’s floors). I was intrigued with the twists, lumps and depressions formed by the elements. I was at awe with the multiple colors, hardness, texture and antiquity of stones. In the late 70’s, I combined tree roots, seashells, stones and natural fibers to weave webs of pockets and curves, creating 3D forms to capture nature for homes, gardens, squirrels and birds. Today I create similar forms in stone, releasing the essence of the stone by sculpting shapes from curves, twists, holes and shadows. My favorite designs come to me while I mindlessly doodle, escaping the mundane life necessities.


I was born in Holton, Kansas. I studied art at Baker University, WSU and Wichita Center for the Arts. Currently I attend stone sculpting workshops at “2 Sculpt” in Lawrence, Kansas, with instruction from well established sculptors.


Wichita, KS




Media: Stone

Speciality: Abstract





























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PLM_4704 Debra Salts Summer Cloud side untitled-3274 IMG_0060 Private Symphony second side Imagine