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ln 1958 at age 11, I watched with amazement the construction of a concrete grain elevator. Concrete was continuously poured into a cylindrical slip-form that raised 10 inches an hour until reaching 126 feet. I recall being impressed how earthen materials were shaped into something so functional, even beautiful.

Fast forward five decades to 2014 and recently retired, I was encouraged by my wife to hear Babs Mellor speak about sculpting. lntrigued with the prospect of shaping things in clay, I enrolled as a beginner in Babs' sculpting class at The Wichita Center for the Arts. I became immersed in learning about clays,

sculpting technique and history; participating in art-related field trips and developing friendships with those of like interests. I find that starting with an idea, a set of photographs, a painting some experience or emotion, combined with the geometry of the subject, yields my best interpretations. The process of moving from inspiration and research, to a beginning shape and refinement, then the finish, is a rewarding journey. The act of creation provides enormous satisfaction, as eventually each work reveals itself - perhaps not always exactly what I originally intended - but sometimes even more interesting.

Dan Closson

Dan Closson


Wichita, KS







Accepts Commissions: ....Yes

Media: Clay, Vinyl Cement

Specialty: Greek and Roman figures, antiquities, inanimate objects, implied motion

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