Wichita Sculptors Guild, Inc.


Retired computer analyst from Boeing July 1999.


Throughout most of my working life I rode the wave of computers into industry and into the home while working for IBM (15 years) and Boeing (21 years). I was challenged with learning something new every day as computers advanced at an extremely accelerated pace.. My artistic interests were left on the back burner,so I have not been a lifelong sculptor or artist and I really didn't care for art history until I met Babs Mellor.


I Began woodcarving classes with Norma Nicks January of 1992. I have taken sculpturing and woodcarving classes with over 25 different instructors since then. I enjoy woodcarving the most, and clay sculpture second. I have branched out into antler carving and bronze sculpture. I am continuing to learn.


My favorite sculpturing subjects are realistic human, animals and relief sculpturing. However, I will try most anything. In the beginning I carved mostly designs by other artists, but soon found that designing and creating my own sculptures is where the real artistic creativity is to be found.


Valley Center, Kansas




Accepts Commissions ..... Yes

Media: Wood, Clay, Antlers, and Bronze

Speciality: Realistic humans and animals, relief

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Carl W.


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