Wichita Sculptors Guild, Inc.


Angie Wormhoudt

Art has been a large part of my life for over 50 years, from oil painting, wheat weaving, Stainglass, glass etching, quilting and sculpting.


My passion for sculpture started when I met Babs Mellor, the local teacher in Wichita Kansas. I started taking her class in 2003 every semester and I am still there.


I enjoy working primarily in water-based Clay. I love doing work that is very meaningful to me and traditional.  I can really lose myself when I am sculpting.


I have had the pleasure to study under a number of notable sculptors,including Bruno Lucchesi, Vincent Aniano, Lincoln Fox, Walt Horton and Edward Hlavka.


I enjoy sculpting with Babs on life-size bronze, Vietnamese American Community Memorial and Mary Elizabeth Lease.


I have several tabletop pieces for sale, Bronze and Terra-Cotta.


I love to Sculpt figurative, adults, children, Indians, animals and any special subject. I am a perfectionist and it definitely shows in my work.


Wichita, KS









Accepts Commissions ..... Yes

Media: Bronze and Terra-Cotta

Speciality: Figurative, Adults, Children, Indians, Animals and any special subject.




































Contact Information:

email: [email protected]  

Angie Wormhoudt Mary Elizabeth Lease (bronze) Ballerina (terra-cotta) Chief Big Bear (terra-cotta) Diette, Shelby, Dianna (terra-cotta) Jugular (terra-cotta) Merv (terra-cotta) Roman Nose Last Battle (bronze) Shelby (terra-cotta) St. Francis (terra-cotta) Vietnamese American Community memorial (bronze)