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One of the membership benefits for each exhibiting member of the Wichita Sculptors Guild is a web page on the WSG web site. To get your web page, you must fill out the Web Page Submission Form. It is available in two forms:





From Bylaws, Article II: Membership


Section 1:

There shall be two types of memberships: 1) the Artist Sculptor and 2) Friends of Sculpture.


Section 2:

Any person who is interested in sculptural art shall be eligible for membership upon submitting an application to the secretary or treasurer.


Section 3:

Membership shall not be effective until the treasurer has received the year's dues. Upon payment of the annual dues, each member will receive a membership card showing that they are in good standing with the guild.


Section 4:

Dues will be paid in January of each year.


Section 5:

New members joining after July 1st shall be eligible for a half-membership fee reduction.


Section 6:

All members who participate in the organization 25 years or more shall be entitled to a half-membership fee reduction.


Section 7:

All members shall be entitled to receive a bi-monthly newsletter published by the guild at no extra cost other than that of the membership fee.


Section 8:

All members shall be entitled to vote at all annual or special meetings.


Section 9:

The Artist Sculpture member may be further classified as an Exhibiting Member providing they meet the requirements for Exhibiting Member.


Section 10:

An Exhibiting Member must: 1) have membership dues current, 2) attend a minimum of two guild bi-monthly meetings annually, and 3) have a current bio and portfolio on file with the guild.


Section 11:

Exhibiting Members are eligible for inclusion on the guild's web site and to participate in guild sponsored exhibits.

Committee Chairs


Web Page, Debra Salts Exhibits & Shows, Andy Patton

 Membership Benefit - Your Own Web Page

Membership Application

Membership Requirements


PDF Word PDF Vice President, Mary Francis Skinner President, Joel Folds Secretary Andy Patton Treasurer Phil Lovchik